Hey Lucy! You wanna go to Maine?

Now that I'm in the house.....it's not perfect and that means you still can't come over! Just kidding...you can if you don't mind me pointing out all the things that I haven't done!!!

I thought I would post about the trip I took with my Mom and my Aunt Linda. We went to Maine. The decision was random and we literally pulled it out of the hat! Mom was supposed to have gone to Alaska last year and she had airline tickets burning a hole in her pocket! I said I would go. I'm pretty sure the only reason they wouldn't go without me is because they would not get around as well! Especially since I drove EVERYWHERE! That was fine. I had the GPS on my phone and we saw a lot more than they would've without me! ahhh, the coast and lighthouses were the afternoon treat!
We had NO IDEA where we should go or what we would do. We flew out of Huntsville and my Aunt asked the night before if I had a list of places we were going. I had nothing. I think at that moment we all kinda thought we were in trouble! It was the BEST trip EVER! We flew into Portland and asked the concierge at the airport if she knew of any antique stores. She said north and south on Hwy. 1. We would pass several.......understatement of the year! 

We were starving and decided to start in downtown Portland for lunch and after we would hit the highway heading South. I had booked a hotel in Portsmouth, ME. When we picked up the car, the guy said Boston was 30 minutes from Portsmouth. What? Ok, we are going to Boston tomorrow! Our first stop was lunch at The Farmer's Table. Appropriate, yes? I had lobster salad and my picture made with  my Mom ;). Isn't she cute?

We decided to walk around in this little downtown (it's not that little). We saw cute shops, ships, boats, water, ice-cream (little did we know, ice cream is BIG in Maine) and a really cute shop with the best light fixtures EVER!

Oh, I wanted it....and there were 2....did I need 2? Where would I put them? Were they worth the price tag? It was the FIRST place we'd seen! We had 4 days of shopping ahead of us!! I didn't buy them. I walked away. I thought about them every day until we made it back......at the end of our trip! 

We got on the road. We had NO IDEA where we were going. We had a map and our phones. Everyone we asked said to go down HWY. 1. We did. We drove for 30 minutes or so and saw the first antique store. Stopped. Shopped. Got in the car and drove. Saw another. Stopped. Shopped. Then we found this one! Look at that shutter!! OH MY. I DIE. The colors are amazing. Problem...this will not fit in my suitcase. At this point, I'm planning my trip back to Maine in a U-Haul!

Doesn't this sign look like the Doors are 50 cents? haha The nail is placed just right!

These were at the same shop. It was a barn in the parking lot full of cool stuff like these advertising produce crates!

How cute are these books....why didn't I buy them?

We made a few purchases and hit the road. It was almost 5:00pm and all the shops close at 5:00pm. We are about 30 minutes from our hotel and 10 minutes from the coast. I vote for more lobster and sand and ocean! So, we pull out the phone, find the coast and head that way! 

See...my toes in the brown sand! It's so different from our Gulf Coast white powdery sand!

I had to take a picture of the bridge. It was gorgeous! Lots of fishermen and a carnival on the other side.  It was surreal. Just like what you see in the movies! I went to the water by myself....the ladies wanted to sit and get something to drink! I had to do a selfie, this is one of my favorites, though. I love the action I used on Instagram. It had been a perfect day!! 

Then I went and kissed a lobster!

Much more to share about this trip!