Happy Birthday, Mimi!

Woo to the Hoo!
We pulled off the surprise! 
Johnny has been planning for a month! I got the call in the middle of the move. I couldn't imagine how I would make it. It worked out great. The kids and I jumped in the car on Saturday around 10:30 and after dropping Jazzy off, picking up the strawberry cake from Edgar's, and dropping off some ceiling tiles to Nicole for The Spotted Zebra, we were on our way at 12:45! We stopped in to see Ruru's house and made it to the party right as Mimi was pulling up! (oooopsie)

These friends made it to the party. I think that was the biggest surprise for her. Aunt Linda, Chris, Judy, and Mary came from Huntsville. They are friends from waaaaaaay back! 

We got to go by Ruru's house before the party. She's just moved, too. It's a great house. Can't wait to go back with all the cousins there! There will be plenty of room for the kids to play football in the yard!
Emma and her Ruru at her new house. You should see the screened in porch....it's amazing! The kids love the basement....it's huge and has a pool table. #bonus

The trip to Tennessee always seems like a whirlwind. We have our same stops. One favorite is the farm. The kids want to go and play on the hay bales. I want to dig through the tractor and car graveyard! So much rusty, crusty stuff out there! It's a fun place to explore.....just watch out for the cow patties! I love this shot of John Connor jumping! So carefree...

Our last stop was at my Great-Grandmother's house. It's been empty for 30 years. We broke in the window and checked it out. That farm sink? I need it. There are so many cute things. They need a lot of TLC. Emma loved the color of the walls. Can you see the grinder on the right side of the window? I love that it's still there. I can just see her grinding the meat for dinner. She took care of my Mom and Aunt when their mom died. They were there all the time. My Grandfather lived down the road a short way. We used to walk from his house to hers when we would go visit.