Hansel and Gretel Pictures!

I bought a new camera....yes, another one. Anyone get the feeling the problems are user related? help me

I have been dying to share photos of the Hansel and Gretel house. It's dark, people. Very dark. Yes, I have all of these cool, I mean really cool, light fixtures. They just don't put out a lot of light. We are in the woods. Not a lot of sunshine coming in! So, here goes. There seems to be a never ending supply of stuff to do around here. Lots more decorating and I need window treatments! I think I've taken a break from working all day on the house. I guess I need to get back at it this week!

This room needs some work. It still doesn't have a light fixture. I need Rhodas living room fixture over at Southern Hospitality! Or at least the same one at that price! The mantel needs a little work.  I guess I need to look at a mantel linky party and get some inspiration or just dig through my Pinterest boards? Just pretend you don't see the extra-large TV on the right. It's there and not going anywhere, but let's just pretend it's not there, can we?

I love this kitchen. LOVE IT! We added the yellow boards on the ceiling. Those cabinets? I am thinking about painting them? What do you think? The red light? My favorite purchase from Maine. The Sunbeam bread chalkboard. I die. It's so perfect there! My aunt gave me the closed sign. I find it fitting since I do not cook. Thank goodness for husbands that like to eat and can cook for the family! I guess that means the kitchen isn't closed, but it's still fitting! (wink)

Just a little framing vignette...with a little sparkly skull thrown in for Halloween!

My favorite window from Southern Accents. I love, love this window! Those antlers? They were outside on the barn and fell a few weeks ago. I thought they needed to come inside! A few pumpkins here, too. Just a sprinkle of Halloween on the inside. Most of our decor is outside!

Got corks? ha.....we like wine around here! FYI this collection has been accumulating for several years!