Handy Man for Hansel and Gretel

I have a few handy-man projects that still need to be done. I called my go-to handy-man and he came right over. Problem number one is he's my brother. Problem number two is he didn't bring any tools. We chatted yesterday about the few projects I need finished. He must have forgotten what we talked about??

We decided to work with what we had. His drill without a full-charged battery and my drill that will only last about 15 minutes before it needs to be charged again. I had just picked up some barn wood from River Bottom Pine. They are in North Birmingham and if you don't know where they are? You will never find it! The sign out front is about as big as my thumbnail. It was actually delivered there by Shane from Southern Accents. I don't know if they even sell barn wood! haha

So, we decided to make John Connor's headboard. I wanted it to look like a barn door. I bought some tracks when my Mom, Aunt Linda and I went to Maine. I found a really cool architectural salvage place and they had the track and rollers. I was thrilled! The store there is so cool. The guys were super nice and instead of trying to pack the track, they shipped it to me! I was so glad. They rollers were heavy and my suitcase would have been overweight!

I love the way this door looks. This was at the store in Maine. It was the door to the bathroom!

The track and rollers/brackets I bought are just like these! So rusty and old! Funky Junk Donna would be so proud!

I got a few action shots of the bro doing a little work. He's using my drill and it was barely moving. He was putting all of his weight into it! That's a lot....because he's 6'4". At least he had a good angle!
That's a good sneak peek of what the door will look like!

Here is a close up of the hardware. It was harder than we thought. Seems like everything is when you are trying to DIY! I guess they are lessons you have to learn! The drills died and the screws were getting stripped. We called it a day and it's all out on the sawhorses. I'm hoping to get Handy-Man Connor on it tomorrow. hahahahahaha! Just cross your fingers it gets done by someone tomorrow! The bro has baseball games for his son and won't be able to finish before next week. I'm anxious and some would say I have no patience! If it gets put up tomorrow, I promise to get some pictures and post it!!

 I just wanted to throw this screen door in. I literally found it under the crawl space today! I was looking for the breaker box. {OH yeah!! My Dad came by and hung a few lights! He's the best!! We still have a few to go. We should get those up next week and I will give you a tour of them all hanging!} Anyways, the screen door was under the house. Can you believe how cute it is? There is a storm door that we come through everyday and I've been meaning to measure it so I can change it to a screen door. Hopefully, this one will fit! It needs a new screen (obviously) and a little tlc, but I LOVE it!!