Workers Gonna Work~

The house has been full of busy bees for a week! There is still so much to do!! I'm a little crazy right now. I was on the phone earlier and couldn't complete a sentence. Too many things wanting to come out at the same time!

Counter tops - picked out. Not my first or second choice...but, 3rd times the charm, right?

Wood on the ceiling in the kitchen! It's yellow. I love it!

Wood on the ceiling in the laundry/powder room. It's white. It's chippy. I love it!

Walls are being painted all over the place! It was all oil based. It's all primed and room by room, it will be done!

I have a closet....kinda. I have shelves and rods. I have a door. I have walls. Problem is you can see through the walls and there is only glass in one door! Deep will be fine.

My bathroom? We just won't talk about it, ok?

I do have a shoe closet! It has a sign! I love it! giggle

Noticed these cute bricks today. Marvel. I seem to do that every day. I love this house!