We Color Outside the Lines

I can't even begin to tell you how  much fun we had! The Color Run is amazing. It so fun and happy!

First of all, it was pouring down rain. Seriously, it never let up. I gathered my peeps, who were all over the place. We left my house at 6:45 and were actually on our way! It was raining. It was cold. They thought we were crazy for going. I wasn't missing it! I had already heard about it from B. She went in April to Atlanta and couldn't stop talking about how much fun it was!

We had 24 people on our team. We Color Outside the Lines was our name. We didn't see one person from our team! It was crazy! They were there sooner than we were. So, they were up front. Did I mention there were 10,000 people there? We ran on the Barber Motor Sports track. It's a bit hilly, but every 1k we got splattered with paint! Blue, Red, Yellow, Orange, and Pink was sprayed, thrown, turned upside down and hand printed all over us! We were the perfect rainbows after! Top all that off with the downpour and you had a coloriffic tie dye extravaganza! Headband, shirt, skirt, socks and shoes...all full of color!

Emma and I played throughout the whole course! We jumped in puddles, threw paint, posed for pictures and danced the entire time. Ashlee, Marisa, Molly and Daphney were with us, too.

You will find all of us, but Daphney and Molly front and center, on the front page of the Local section of the Birmingham News! Check AL.Com for the pictures of us! Top left is where you will find the rest of us....I'm on my phone. I know, Kim Kardashian....whatever! I was taking pictures!!

 I'm dying to do it again in October. I know John Connor would love it! It's on the 6th and I'm already signed up for the Warrior Dash. I think my timeslot is 9:30am. Thinking about changing it to the afternoon and doing both! Crazy? Definitely, but worth it!