Paint Colors

This HAS to be the hardest thing to do in the entire world!! The painter came over Wednesday. I had to tell him the colors we are using. This was the most stressful part of this house! With Pinterest, you would think it would be easy. There are so many pins on my for the home, cottage, paint the world white boards.......

No. You have to consider lighting. You have to consider your furniture. You have to consider the color of the floors. You have to consider trim. In my case you have to consider that the ceiling and beams are DARK, DARK brown.

I want the whole house to be as light as possible. I just love color, so it's hard to just go in and ask for white. Plus, it will just look like plain ole sheet rock if I do that! Well, most of our walls are wood. But, you get the idea! I did choose a color called Moonlight White. I chose this color because one of my cottage friends, Layla Palmer, uses it A LOT! Her cottage is ah-dorable! Check out her blog. She just finished her bathroom redo. Oh, and the just put this beauty on the market. Interested in buying a new home? This one is so cute!!

The living room may actually get painted today. I hope so. It's the one I'm not very sure about. Thursday night he brought a gallon of Sea Salt. Sounds beautiful, doesn't it? I had 1 quart of knitting needles. I asked him to put some of both on the walls. I didn't like either. For one, they were right next to a beam. On the wrong side from the window. You couldn't see them very well. They looked periwinkle. Ugh. When I opened the quart of Knitting Needles, my husband asked if it was white. It looked so light. (I wanted it to be as light as possible) On the wall, it looked like a baby's nursery. I'm very anxious to get over there and see how it looks with a whole wall painted. Did I mention the walls are currently yellow gold? Like beautiful fall leaves. It's a great color. Too much color for me and it clashes big time with my white/grey/periwinkle!

I scoured those Pinterest boards and found these colors. The Knitting Needles, I actually found a photo and used Sherwin Williams Chip It tool. Hello, have you tried it? It's so cool. You just upload a photo and it tells you the colors that are in the room!

I'm hoping the Knitting Needles turns out like I want it in the end. If my room looks like the one I pinned? I will be thrilled! If you haven't heard of the Chip It Tool. Check out the video below. It's really cool!!