its a ruff start so far!

Yes, we are moved in. Are we unpacked? NO!!

That's not entirely true. 90% of the boxes are unpacked. My closet is still a disaster and I have to dry my hair in the middle of the room. I know...not the end of the world!

I have lots of photos hung on the walls thanks to Laura and Brandy! They came over and we knocked it out!!

The first night we were all in, John Connor had to do a poster for Star Student. It was a bit difficult with all the crafty supplies boxed up and out in the barn. (they are all still out there, too!) We made it work. Printed pictures on the handy Epson 4x6 printer. I love that little thing! It's so convenient! He even added a hand drawn friend...I think he named him Harold. He's a funny kid!

Monday morning, Jazzy followed me down the street. Tuesday she jumped in the car as we were leaving. She's so confused! She is needing lots of extra attention this week.

It took me until yesterday to find out what buses the kids ride. We've been doing the afternoon car rider line. My kids love to be picked up! They enjoy their friends on the bus, just not riding it. Emma only has to ride a couple of days. It hasn't been too bad. Until today! It took about 20 minutes at Emma's school. Thankfully, a sweet friend, Emi, took John Connor home!

We are still looking like the Clampett's live here. It will all get put away eventually! For now, I'm going shopping. I HAVE to cover a couple of windows!