Hansel and Gretel House Update

We have been here for almost 2 weeks! How in the heck did the time go by that fast? We literally have been sleeping in this house for 13 nights. It all feels like a blur to me. The weekend of moving out of The FCC was a 3 day process. It was long and hard! We now have 1/3 of the house with a barn that is FULL to the rim....literally, wall to wall and floor to ceiling! We also have 2 storage units. Oh my word! One has stuff that will go to the Creek Party House (more about that later!) and the other has stuff that I have to eventually get rid of or move into this house.....there is NO storage/attic space in this house! Yikes....
You can see a few of the before pictures here. These are BEFORE we did anything!

At least one of us is getting used to it! Jazzy found a spot on the bed. She still follows me everywhere. I still leave her inside when we are gone. We are going to be gone Saturday and Sunday. I'm a little worried about leaving her outside for 2 days. 

Speaking of important, my shoe closet. It's full of shelves and has a sign for all to know what's inside!
 (that door....needs to change)

 Does anyone remember seeing this light on Instagram? A little gem I found on the floor in the back of Southern Accents. The color is fantastic. The ruffle shade? {swoon} It's an old street light. #isaveoldthings

It has a home and I think it's perfect! 
I really need to find a better light bulb. Can you believe light bulbs are now a part of the decor? 

In other updating news. We have internet and cable. We also got kitchen counters and the sinks work in the kitchen and my bathroom! I can finally brush my teeth in the bathroom in my room! #luxuries

I'm hoping to work on more fluffing next week. I still have several light fixtures that need to be hung (DAD). Next week. Maybe I will get out the good camera and take some photos that make this place look like the hype I've built it up to! Until then.....