Hansel and Gretel: A Preview

This little house we are moving into. You know, Hansel and Gretel's house? There is a bit of history on it. It was once a Bed and Breakfast when Caldwell Mill Road was a dirt road. The story is that it was built in the early 60's by a German man. The original part of the house was one big open room with a HUGE fireplace (that is still there!) and a kitchen. There is a bathroom on that floor.

 A view of what used to be the kitchen

There was a spiral staircase that took you upstairs to the bedrooms. It is metal and is now outside and how you would get down from the deck, if you wanted to put your life in jeopardy! It seems a bit dangerous to me. We have a cute iron gate that deters you from going in that direction. It's not secure and when you step out onto the top landing of the staircase.....there are no rails.....on any side! Kids under 6 are not allowed on the deck! It's a little scary and if you come over, you will see it and I can guarantee you will not go down those stairs. Your children will beg to and if you feel comfortable with their stability....you can let them. I might get you to sign a waiver!

Back to the upstairs! There is a cute, cozy nook with a window seat and bookshelves on both sides. I can just see Emma sitting there reading or texting. Her room is to the left with a built-in bed and there is another room to the right. If there ever was a bed in there...it was tiny. Like a twin and no room to walk around it! Maybe there were bunk beds? I don't know. There are 2 big closets! yay!
Emma's built in bed

Also, out that window that Emma will be texting in, there is an awesome courtyard! That is supposedly a German thing? I don't really know where that knowledge came from! Someone told me they liked courtyards better than backyards? I'm thankful.

They added on in the late 60's. There is another bedroom upstairs. A huge foyer with a staircase from an old courthouse, keeping room and kitchen. There is also a finished room in the basement.

Window in the foyer. It's inside the built on portion of the house!

When the inspector came over he said he thought the house was build way before the 60's. I would love to find out more about it. I just don't know where to start? Maybe I will ask my guys at Southern Accents. They seem to know a lot about old homes!

Disclaimer: These photos are not the best quality. The house needs lots of lighting and TLC. We are working on that this week! These photos also have the other owner's furniture, etc.  Of course, when I show you what I've done to the place.....I will get out my good lens and a flash if I need to! It will be all styled up ready for a magazine shoot!

BTW: moving takes place next week! yikes!!