Hi my name is Lucy and I'm a shop-o-holic. It used to be clothes (did I say used to be?). Now, it's home decor. (just now?) I do love it. I love finding things that I just can't live without. I also love to help others find things that they can't live without....or that they actually need. #whatever

For the last couple of years I have been working with Southern Accents. Yes, I do their facebook page and their Pinterest page. I also have a board dedicated to them on my own Pinterest page. I love to find unique items or unique ways to use items. Sometimes it's just placing it on a mantel. Most of the time, it's creating a new use!

They aren't quite the only place that I love to shop. I have a couple of other spots that I frequent. This week I'm going to Chattanooga. There is a salvage shop there, Architectural Salvage, that I love! They have lots of American and European architecture. I found this really cool green iron piece that I want. I have the perfect place for it at Hansel and Gretel's house. I just hope it will fit!!

I also love to go to Estate of Confusion to visit Greg. THIS is a treasure hunt!! I swear he has laundry bins full of old patterns from foundries. They are all different and I can find a million uses for them!!

foun·dry  (foundr)
n. pl. foun·dries
1. An establishment where metal is melted and poured into molds.
a. The skill or operation of founding.
b. The castings made by founding.
I love to go in there for hours and dig. My mom isn't a fan. She wants to see it finished and gets impatient when I just walk around aimlessly. She will have to go to lunch while I'm there Thursday!

I plan on coming home with a few things. I will take lots of photos and then maybe you and I can make a road trip!