Papa's Barn

I have a little workshop in the basement. There are cool pieces of trim down there, a jigsaw, a drill and a lot of little pieces of hardware!! I've struggled with getting down there and playing because the jigsaw can't cut everything I want it to cut!!
Tracy came in town for a few days and called me one morning to say she was at Papa's barn making stuff. I dropped everything and went over!! I just wanted to see what she was making and see what is in there to play with!
The discovery was so fun! There are coffee cans full of pulls and knobs. Drawers and cubbies full of nails, screws, bolts, and all kinds of fasteners! It's very organized. Do you need a band saw? table saw? chop saw? He has one! He also has sanders and a room to spray furniture! I might just move in! I didn't bring anything to play with. I had to scour the place and get a little creative. Susu made everyone frames last year for Christmas and used the glass from these 5x7 dollar store frames. So, the frames are just hanging up not being used. I grabbed 6 of them and started looking for screen to make a jewelry holder! Papa found some for me. He doesn't want us to use the table saw without him there. He cut a piece of trim for me and showed me how to use the band saw.
This was Wednesday. We went to Southern Accents on Thursday. Friday I got the call from Nicole about being on Talk of Alabama on Monday!! I went back to the barn Saturday morning. I made 2 jewelry holders and wanted to stay all day! I need to get back over there!
I can't believe I have waited this long to go over and play. Now that school has started, maybe I can make more time to go over and learn. The Hansel and Gretel house has a barn! It has electricity! I can't wait to move in!! 2 more weeks.......I've only been saying that since the middle of July.