Oh there's a video!

Ha! I finally found the video of the show yesterday. I still don't really know how it went....I have no sound on my computer for some reason? JOHN CONNOR???

I'm sure I sound like a good southern girl trying to make sense. I do remember saying that I find things on the road several times...really? I do, but, surely I find them other places, too!!! So, if you think there was something funny about this vid....lemme hear it! I need to work on my TV skills.

ABC 33/40 - Birmingham News, Weather, Sports

I have been commissioned to make 2 jewelry holders! I am heading to Southern Accents tomorrow to pick out some cool pieces! I know exactly what I'm looking for.....I hope they have it! By the way, have you seen those porcelain hot/cold knobs on their facebook page today? Oh My, I'm in love! I will have to pick up one or two of those....