I always need a deadline!

Most of you that know me, know that I have been "making" jewelry for a long time!! I was inspired a few years ago at the Craft and Hobby show, CHA, at the Making Memories booth. They were making jewelry! I was totally confused since it's a scrapbooking company. I didn't buy into it until I did the make-n-take and then, BOOM, I was hooked. I wanted it all! So, I bought a lot of it. Later that year, I went to market and found Art by Amy. This girl can rock out a necklace made of anything you can imagine! So, I started "collecting". As an artist, I am a collector, not a hoarder! #thankyouverymuch

So, Friday, I get a call from the adorable, Nicole Allshouse, she has a 4 minute spot to fill on Talk of Alabama. She asked if The Spotted Zebra wanted to come on. Natalie - I will probably be painting. Nicole - I do NOT do TV. So, I was given an opportunity and I took it! I started working on my "inventory". I had a LOT of necklaces already made up.

BREAKING NEWS: I have sold a necklace! Woo hoo...Abby Miller is my new favorite person ;)
I also have a girl looking at one of the jewelry holders! so awesome!

I have a deadline! I made progress on some things Friday night and went over to Papa's Barn Saturday morning to finish up some things with the nail gun and band saw.....oh, how I love those tools! Then, I took a break and theconnorfarmer and I went to Nashville. Hung out on Broadway trying to discover the latest country music singer! Sunday we stopped through Franklin and bought some fun things that I will have to share later! City Farmhouse rocks by the way!!

Sunday night got here and I still was procrastinating! Emma and I played around with the display ideas and I was up at 6am at Walmart for table cloths! I guess I pulled it off. The spot was easy. I haven't seen it, yet. Laura, the great cousin, said they got some really good shots of the jewels!

So, now I have an Etsy shop with some home decor and some Lucy Lockets! Y'all go check it out and let me know what you think! I am open to doing custom work, too!