Commissioned works

It's pretty cool to create something and have someone tell you they love it. It's something else to have someone actually want to buy it! After debuting Lucy Lockets on Talk of Alabama, I sold a necklace and had another person interested in buying one of the jewelry holders. We talked a bit about the one she was a little too green. She wanted more blue. I immediately picked up the phone and called Garlan, owner of Southern Accents, and told him to see if the blue post was still in the mantel warehouse. He walked to the back and sent me a photo! It was still there. Yay! I had an idea to cut the post down and add a piece from an old chandelier to the top. Well, the pieces of chandelier just weren't going to happen. I found a couple and will probably work them into another piece.

For this one I used old brass hooks, a few jello molds and an old doorknob! I absolutely LOVE how they turned out! Oh, I ended up making for her friend! She wanted hers to be brown, but rustic. I found a wooden post that was perfect! I used my jigsaw to cut them to size. I think I wore out the blade! Chop saw is on the list once I move!! I was really excited to make these. I can't wait to make a few more to add to the Etsy shop!

Her design came from what her needs were. It worked perfectly. If you have a need. Let me know, maybe I can make something for you, too! I have a frame that I have to make for another friend. I need to get to Papa's Barn to work on that one! I will need that dangerous table saw!