I love to sew. I don't do it very often, but I love to make something! I went to Florence a couple of weeks ago and got to meet Natalie Chanin of Alabama Chanin. I have been inspired by her for so many years! I can remember reading about her and then about 6 months later finding a tshirt at Barney's in NYC on the sale rack! I didn't buy was still out of my price range!! I was very impressed. One of my favorite facts about Alabama Chanin is that she lives and works out of Florence, Alabama! That is one of my favorite places. I follow her on Facebook and read her Journal religiously. I am dying to take a weekend workshop, but can't justify it right now. I am, however, going to a mini-workshop next weekend! It's on Saturday and I'm making a scarf!

Natalie had a workshop with Faythe Levine a few weeks ago and I was very excited to be there. I took Ashlee with me and we soaked in the Factory and the fabric.  I was a bit starstruck! To top it off, Butch Anthony was there! Seriously, in his overalls and straw hat. I thought I would DIE! I was surrounded by incredible artists that were from Alabama. It was very surreal. We met lots of very kind people and felt welcome the minute we walked in the door. There was yummy food and beverages and just a home feeling.

We went to the workshop the next day. It was how to grow your brand for the artist community. So many artists do not market themselves. It was a lesson on blogging and all that social media entails. So funny that I can do that for other people but not myself. Ashlee and I left on cloud nine....that is after we spent an hour touching every article of clothing there! It's all absolutely beautiful and very inspiring. I left with a kit to make a corset top.....almost finished! I'm putting it together as we speak. I LOVE it!!! Going back on Saturday for a 2 hour workshop. They are having an open house...If you are in the area or just want to do something fun this need to go!