photo credit: Margie Romney Aslett Instagram

I use lucysinspired in a lot of places. I've been trying to come up with a name for a business that I want to start. I keep going back to that name. It's easy because it's out there and it covers a lot! I'm pretty much inspired by every thing I ever see!

I am always reading through different artists blogs and articles or books. I was reading something this morning and decided maybe I'm planning to much. I have a book with all of my ideas in it. I need to do it. I need to make it. I need to put it out there! Some of you are probably saying, "oh, you put it out there!". I know I am always posting on Facebook, etc. I need to figure out how to make it work for me though.

Yesterday, I sat in my garage organizing all of my salvaged pieces that I've gotten from Southern Accents in the past couple of years. (there's a lot) I will tell you that I worked on a belt, organizing my jewelry pieces, I stitched on my skirt from Alabama Chanin and my scarf...even a tea towel. Then I finished a frame I've been working on and sprayed 5 more to finish. That is a lot, but, what did I accomplish? I guess I have to do that everyday. I need to keep going to my "workshop" and work on something or everything everyday and eventually get some stuff done! I have been commissioned to make a frame for a friend. He has a beautiful drawing of Walt Whitman. It's in a cheap frame now and he wants it in something cool. I have a perfect piece of trim from the Gay House in Montgomery, but it's not quite big enough.....of course. I always find a road block. I'm need to find the perfect piece and I'm going to take it up to Woodshop Studios and get David to help me. Laura and I worked on our table tops last night....I love power tools.....mitre saw, nail gun, and that big table saw that cut the edges perfectly!!!

I'm going to try and get something accomplished today. It's raining and I was supposed to play tennis this morning and go to ITF for my WOD...insert giggle. I will make it to my Workout Of the Day at 10:30 and then hang out downstairs and work!

One more thing, Alabama Chanin is hiring...hello, best job ever! It's just that it's in Florence. I asked Connor if we could move, he laughed. I don't think he thought it was funny, though...