Changing my workout routine

Iron Tribe. Week 2. It's MWF at 10:30am. They do a 101 class for beginners.

Last week I couldn't walk or stand or sit after Monday's workout until about Thursday. Then, my triceps were so sore after Wednesdays workout, I couldn't move my arms until Sunday. Friday's workout was hard, but I only feel a little sore. was a doozie! I'm going to need an extra set of arms. Seriously. It's high intensity for 6-15 minutes. Yes, that is the time of the workouts. The first one was 6:49 and today's was 15:08. Their reasoning is that you work at your highest possible intensity for a short period of time. You get more out of that than working longer because your intensity level will weaken.  OK, that makes sense.

They touched on eating habits today. We are supposed to bring in our journal on Wednesday to show what we've eaten.....I will get an F on this assignment. Period. I heard the whole, "you won't get change unless you exercise AND eat right".  I just don't know how to get motivated to eat right! I keep telling myself it will make my workouts easier.........I guess I need to test it. Today I've eaten 2 dove chocolates (dark), 3 cups of coffee 2 pieces of cheese, a diet mountain dew and I came home from the WOD and scrambled 3 eggs. So far so good! haha

I should add photos of inspiration since I don't want to post a photo of myself....just go look at my pinterest board...they might be a little far-fetched, but a girl can dream!

and then I found one! This is me and my besties running the Tinkerbell Half Marathon on my 40th Birthday weekend in California. We are having such a good time!! Thanks to Dave Mari for the photo!