Self Proclaimed Junkie

I think I have found my true love. This on the eve of the eve of my 17th wedding anniversary, no less! Don't tell my husband, although, I'm sure he already knows, I LOVE junk! It's not really junk if you love it, right? 

I was over on the other side of town today...near Trussville. I called my sisters to see if they wanted me to bring lunch to them at The Spotted Zebra.......they weren't there, bummer! I decided to go by and see my friend, Barney at Stray Cats. I love Barney! He always has the coolest furniture and finds. I walked in and was in Heaven!! There was a swooning chair, a Coca-Cola sign and a sink that I HAD to have! I'm telling you...right inside the door!! I knew I was in trouble. Big Trouble! He knows me, too, he knew I was leaving there with something. So, I'm walking through and asking about everything. They build a lot of the stuff in there. They can custom build anything you want! I really need to stop in here more often......

So, do you want to see what I bought? I haven't unpacked it from the car, yet. So, these are temporary still in the car shots from the ole blackberry......

I love, love this old box. It's crate-ish. Seriously, it has two of my most favorite things on it....Chocolate and New York City....yes, I will take it!

This is a chandelier that Kim had in her house. It reminds me of one that I wanted forever at Southern Accents and it was sold a few weeks ago. I was so sad.....I couldn't let this one go!!

I love clocks. This one doesn't work, but it's so awesome!

This is the coca-cola's too big to get a good photo from the back of the car...score!
I saw this and just loved the way it looked. It's printed on chipboard and it's signed. hello...I just found out the artist is a dear friend of my hero, Natalie Chanin! Agh, she posted a similar print on facebook about, this was meant to be and it was FREE!!! see why I love Barney? ;)
 This sink...seriously, who buys a sink? Apparently, I do. What am I going to do with this you ask? I have NO IDEA!! hahahaha. It's small and cast iron and heavy and I LOVE it! I sent a picture to my professional junker friend, Garlan up at Southern Accents and he wants it...which only makes me want it more!! Maybe I will sell it to him and make a little profit....hmmmmm..nah, I will do something with it!
 and this is the swooning chair that you can't see the fabulousness of.....I can't wait to get this baby out and add a few pillows and put it in my bedroom. This has to be the best find. This will be passed down through my family for years to come.
I can't explain to you the feeling I had when I left there. I was over the moon! I don't know if it's the high I get from just shopping and finding new things or if it's the thrill of digging and finding a treasure. I was meant for this. True Love!