January 2, 2012

Emma's New Year's resolution is to go to church every Sunday. It's the best I've heard. John Connor's was to save all of his money. He got some cash for Christmas and that boy LOVES money. It also burns a hole in his pocket pretty quickly. Emma decided she wants to make money....she's kinda like her momma, loves new clothes! uh-oh. She's started working on a list of things she can do to make money. Laundry is at the top of the list. She came home organized the laundry room and did 3 loads. Pretty good, I think! We will see how long it lasts. I gave her a $20 to go ice-skating today....she thought that wasn't a part of her laundry money.....oopsie! She's already spending faster than she's making it!!!
We did get to go to lunch with one of our favorites today. Somehow she has been living in New Orleans for 5 years. I don't know how that adds up...but, it does. We gave her a present. If you look toward the top of this photo......you should be able to pick out her gift! She LOVED it! Can you figure out who it is? haha!! #seniorportraits #eightieshair