I'm coming home...tell the world I'm coming home

Homecoming at UNA! I've been spending a bit more time in Florence, Alabama. I don't know if it's sentimental or just that two of my very best friends live there! I guess it's both. Since Ashlee moved back, I have probably been to Florence 5 or 6 times. Before that, after I graduated, I had only been there 5 or 6 times! It is such a great town. It's small. You have the quad cities; Florence, Muscle Shoals, Sheffield and Tuscumbia. I have a new found love for this area. There are some really cool places. Billy Reid is one of my favorites! I do like his classic clothes, but the store is gorgeous! Then there is Riccatoni's.....YUM! It's a wonderful Italian restaurant that is not to be missed. Trowbridges...chicken salad sandwich and an icecream cone...thank you very much.

Ash and Marisa have taken me to Tuscumbia the last 3 or so times. We always go into Audie Mescales. Great prices on cute clothes. We go into Thread and spend hours picking out patterns and fabric! It's one of my favorite places for inspiration! Alyson is top notch on customer service. I try on samples and she gives us tips on how to make super easy skirts and dresses! A couple of weeks ago we went to eat lunch at Frank's. We passed the alley and saw the lights strung up with gorgeous light fixtures and I insisted that we eat there. They had a couple of big screen tv's out there and we were the only people in the alley! The weather was gorgeous and we hung out for hours! The food was fantastic, btw.

So, with all of this love for the area, I talked Connor into going to homecoming for UNA. We both went to college there. He played football, I was a Lionette. A football game was the perfect event! We had heard there are fun tailgating events before and lots of people we knew go to the games. We told the kids about all the fun we would have and booked a room at the Marriott. That place all by itself is worth going!
We went to the parade on Saturday morning....Marching....oh the memories!!

We had a great time at Kilby before the game. They had a silent auction, lunch and fun activities for the kids. Ashlee and Marisa both teach there and it's in major need of money. The University keeps threatening to close the school. This day was a fundraiser. I hope they continue to raise lots of money!!

We went over the the Hill to tailgate and hung out with some of our best college buddies, Kin and Emily Taylor. They have 4 kids. Collin, Evan, Grant and Ella. Evan and Emma are the same age and Grant and John Connor are the same age. The boys had fun playing football and tag. Clark was there, too. Emma hung out with Charlee Beth, Dillon, Payton and Mattie Reid.....ahem, Billy Reid's daughter. I mean, really? I have the biggest crush on Billy Reid and my daughter is hanging out with his daughter AND she goes to his house!! She met him and his wife. She has no idea who he is or that I think he is fantastic. She thought it was funny when I told her that I think he is a celebrity! (he totally is, right?)

It was such a fun day. I love hanging out with my friends and their families. It was so good to catch up with lots of old friends, too!

UNA won! They have a pretty good team. When we were there, they won a couple of National Championships. They are moving into Division I. I know that will make a big difference in how things are done. I hope it doesn't change too much! Go Lions!