Night at the Fair

I must admit. I did NOT want to go to the Alabama State Fair! Wednesday is the only day of the week we do not have something going on until 7:30. Connor decides he has to go to Bilouxi...I'm thinking he knew what he was doing. The kids have been asking for weeks. They know Wednesday is the only day. Emma does have gymnastics until 6:30 on Wednesday. I tried to think of a way to get out of it. The problem is, it's less than 2 miles away from our house! I would have been a terrible mom if I hadn't taken them, right? So, off we went. We had our cash in hand and bought our wristbands. We would just go through and hit every ride once and then go by the "win a goldfish" booth and try to win one or two or three. Last year we won 6! ugh 
Three goldfish! I wish I could remember their names....

Since we got a late start, I didn't want to take the big camera. I just used the cell phone and the quality is pretty bad. I got some fun shots, though and they are worth the memories! Even the creepy fair guys looking over the shoulders of my children!!

We did have $10.00 left in our pockets and I was talked into seeing how fast they could throw the baseball......we won a patriotic hammer and a leopard guitar. This is what dreams are made of!