Nashville road trip....

Got up yesterday morning, dropped the kids off at school, met B Smith at Target, and we took off for Nashville! How much fun is that? It's one of my favorite things to do....get in the car with B and go somewhere for the day. She is the ultimate Disney trip planner. Her customer service level is above and beyond expectation! Now, I don't know if she would do this for everyone...but, she delivered a Disney basket to one of her clients in Nashville!

Her client was a certain news anchor that most of Nashville wakes up to each morning on Fox 17's TN Mornings, Kelly Sutton. She is a doll! We met in the Kroger parking lot and followed her to Monell's.

OH WOW! Brittney and I weren't sure about the place, at first. The building was fantastic...built in 1880. We are walking up to the door with Kelly and she is telling us she only eats here when she can work out for 3 days after....uh oh! Next she tells us we have to turn off our cell phone....B, can you do this? Next she tells us we will be sitting at a table with people we do not know and make sure you pass to the left. We are a little scared... People, this place has won awards for the Best Meat and's more like 2 meats and 10 vegetables and dessert (banana pudding) YUM! I left there feeling like I had just had Thanksgiving dinner! Full and Fluffy! Wishing I had on a stretchy skirt and not a pair of jeans! We left there only taking a photo of 3 of our favorite foods.....nothing of us, nothing with Kelly, nothing of the restaurant....what in the world?

We took off looking for cupcakes. She was obsessed. Then she gave up on that and we moved on to Country Music stars.....NONE. We did go to the Country Music Hall of Fame and saw some guy playing the guitar. He's somebody, but I can't remember his name.....sorry!!!

If you ever get the chance to ride with B somewhere for the day....go. You will not regret it. We solved LOTS of problems and conquered many, many projects....not. It was lots of fun, though and I'm thankful for that!!