hi there

How much fun is a blog? It's so hard to sit down and type something out for me! Why? I have no idea. There is so much fun in the world and I guess I'm just enjoying it!

I have been a little busy with my little business. It is growing a little...just enough. It still fits in with my personality and I think that's what I love most about it. It's still all things that inspire me! I've been doing lots of social marketing for a couple of businesses. You all have heard of my little secret place in Cullman, AL.....Southern Accents Architectural Antiques.

I can't ever get enough of that place. I was there yesterday and hung out with a couple of really cool decorating/DIY bloggers, maybe you've heard of them, Kevin and Layla of The Lettered Cottage? They are as adorable in real life as on their blog! If you don't read their little corner of the web, check it out....soon. They are about to hit the big time! A production company is working on a pilot for HGTV all about them! They came by the store back in the spring and went home to work on the Reading Room Redo....aka.... Gym flooring made super cool.

We just recently built a piece of art for their upcoming "It's Fall Y'all" link party. It's adorable, they are adorable, you will be adorable when you link up your decor to the part-ay!

In all of this linky party business, we have been talking to the producers about what they will need from us for the pilot that is filming......NEXT WEEK! They are using some fun stuff that is going to look GREAT in the house!

When they came up yesterday, we went through the store and found a few other "pieces" they might need for the pilot. I loved every second of helping them make choices and giving them ideas of what might work. I could get used to that! Hopefully, the show will be picked up and they will be re-doing houses all over the south!

If you need help getting your business out in the Social Media mix...Modern Info Media is who you need to call! I would love to talk to you about it!