Fall Fashion

I get my fashion on more in the fall than in the spring....anyone else like that? I don't know what it is. I think there are just more layers and more things to wear in the Fall. I love Spring/Summer clothes. I just don't feel like it has as much to work with?

I'm feeling the boots this season. I CAN NOT wait to wear my boots! I keep thinking I need a new pair. I love these Frye Paige Riding boots, but I seem to have a pair VERY similar to them. Maybe I could go with the gray? 

THIS pair of boots, I wanted last year. Wasn't sure if I would still want them this year....I do. I need to sell something...anyone need a kid? kidding

I have another must have on my list......this scarf. OH My! 

I want this so bad. The etsy store it is linked to says it's all out. I commissioned my new friend Stephanie to make one for me. We met last week at a tennis tournament. She knits, I like, it's the perfect combination! We are going to meet at this cute, little shop in Cahaba Heights to pick out the yarn. Coincidentally, Emma came home from Momba's the other day with knitting needles and patterns that were Aunt Bercie's...maybe that was a sign that I need a new hobby? I'm thinking someone needs to get on it ASAP if I'm going to wear it with a white tank!

Seems like a gray kinda fall. I'm a big fan of color. Maybe gray will be my neutral!

What will you be wearing?