I finally got one!!

I was so excited when I heard Southern Accents Architectural Antiques got in some new industrial carts. I have been wanting one forever!! 

Here's the story behind the carts, because that's my most favorite part!! I love knowing what the piece was used for. The provenance makes it worth so much more to me:
These dock carts are made of white oak with heavy duty perforated cast iron truck or cart wheels. The factory floor transfer carts or trucks were used in material handling throughout the factory and/or near loading docks. Manufactured by Wilkesboro Lineberry, Inc., SC. The surface areas contain a great distressed and aged patina from years of heavy use or can be sandblasted and oiled to customer specs. These carts can come stationary or free moving. 

I just took mine right out of the gym. It was covered in glue and dust and dirt. I brought it home and got out my handy-dandy-sanding-mouse-thingy......awesome tool.....and sanded it down a bit. I didn't want to sand the patina out of it. 

 I love how it turned out! It's very rustic and I didn't want a lot of chotzky's on it. John Connor will use it for his chair when he's playing xbox 360. This could be dangerous with a lot of stuff on top! Mine is not stationary, so, it may become an amusement park ride.....let's cross our fingers that I do NOT catch them pushing each other around on it!!! 

Please notice the deer mounted on my fireplace....yes, that is John Connor's first deer! I had to hang it in my house. I am so thankful that there is no fur on it. I think it would have only made it to the playroom if it looked like a real Bambi! I do love how it turned out mounted on the brick wall. 

side view....this thing will turn in a complete circle!  

This one had a little green on the top and the wheels. I wonder what was hauled around on it...