It's hard to post when it's not perfect.

Do you feel that way? I need to change the picture on the top of my blog. That's why I haven't blogged this year. It's only been 4 days, but hey, it's 4 days of 2011 that I haven't shared anything with you!! So, instead of worrying about what my header looks like, I decided to post something. Even if it's nonsense!

This was our Holiday photo card for 2010. I had a sweet little pic of my littles faces on the back. Ashley Warren took this photo at a fabulous warehouse downtown. I loved so many of the pictures. I think I will have to buy a photo book of about 20 of them!!
My 2011 OLW is Commit. I already feel like I've not committed to certain things. I haven't committed to blogging for one. I was a little worried about my workout routine, but I've got that under control...whew! I am going to commit to my tennis game. I have been stuck at the same level since my second year of playing. I think it's been 5 years now! That's too long to be a 3.0. I thought I was going to get bumped up to a 3.5 level this year. Didn't happen. Probably because I was waiting on it, instead of committing to it!! I totally want a pair of those Nike ID shoes that say COMMIT on the back of them. You know, like Melanie Oudin? She is the cutest USA tennis player!

side note: do you LOVE the "Roll Tide" commercial? It's totally an ESPN commercial and I'm watching football right now. Even if I weren't an Alabama fan, I think I would LOVE it! I never say "roll tide" unless I'm at a football game and they make a first down. I do love to hear it and love the tradition of it all!

Ok, back to commit. Maybe I should commit to saying Roll Tide more often? haha! not going to happen..... A couple of other things I need to commit to are my kids. Just little things like, homework with John Connor. He hates it and I need to commit to figuring out how to make it better for him. I need to commit to be a good role model for Emma....she watches EVERY single move I make! She wants new jeans....just like mine. She said mine aren't baggy like hers.....uh, hey cute, little, skinny girl! that's because I could stand to lose a few...or buy a bigger size! ugh You get it, just make sure I am the person I want her to be.....

While I'm at it, I will commit to a few things that are so easy. I commit to eating chocolate as often as I can! I commit to going to the beach at least once a month and more during warmer months! I commit to having fun!