Taking the old and making it new!

This is the best! I opened up the Christmas closet last week......It's FULL of different holiday decorations! I love to decorate for the holidays! Christmas is my favorite! I love anything red and white striped and anything red and green! We have been in this house for 5 Christmases and I was worried that I would be tired of the same old decorations! Oh no, I pulled out all those rubbermaid bins and opened them all up. I love all of my "old" decorations! They all have memories and they all feel fresh. Do you feel that way about yours? It's just all so fabulous! Well, I think so, anyway! I saw a little discussion on this blog the other day. Do you ever read The Stories of AtoZ? She did a fun little post about the upside down Christmas tree and there were some pretty bad comments on there. I don't understand what they don't like about this beauty? I mean, it's not like it's my only tree! It's the fun one! So fun and I love it no matter what all of those hundreds of ladies said! haha!

I did move it to a different corner, same room, different corner. That's a change! All the decorations on it are the same. I did re-do the mantel! I can't even remember what the mantel looked like last year. I think I just left everything that was up there and added a few Christmasy items. 

This year, I took it all down and started with a clean slate! Don't you love a clean slate? So, I've had this little window for quite some time. I bought it when we moved Scrap ETC a few years ago. It was in the store the whole time we were open. I was offered cash money for it several times. Sorry, it's a keeper! Well, it's been in the garage for over a year. I've been inspired by this girl, The Lettered Cottage, to change up the mantel every once in a while. I went down into that creepy garage and pulled this loveliness down and brought it up the stairs. I couldn't get it up on the mantel by myself. Had to have a little help from my muscle man. He thinks I'm crazy........hehe.

I love the way it turned out. I am in love with Penny McAllister's Christmas collection. I started collecting several years ago. I think I have enough now.....I have a problem with wanting every piece! All of the elves, santas and reindeer are Penny McAllister. 
Of course, I bought all of it from The Spotted Zebra!
That polka dot ribbon has been rolled up and not used for several years. I know, crazy, right? I adore it. Every year,  I unroll it and try to find a place to use it. I guess I could've wrapped up some gifts, but I couldn't part with it.  So selfish!! As soon as I found it this year, I knew where it would go! I love how it turned out! Those red sparkly balls used to be on my "big" tree. They just kinda were stuck here and there. They matched those green trees so well, I knew they had a new home! Emma and John Connor were big helpers this year! They love to decorate for Christmas. That means the Elves will come!

There is a little sad news about the artist that creates these beautiful pieces. She died earlier this year. I was so upset when I heard. She was battling cancer and died in March at the age of 56. So, this mantel is in her honor! I feel so lucky to have some of her pieces. 

 Be watching in the next few days! I am starting a 12 Days of Giveaways! I will be giving away some of my favorite things!! There will be several ways to enter and I have lots of friends that are joining the party! I can't wait to show you the yummies!