Photo Editing....

I have decided the reason my pictures aren't the most fantastic things I've ever seen is because of editing! I thought it was the lens or the lighting or the F-stop, or the white balance......I'm sure it's all of these things!! Thankfully, I've discovered editing. This is not a new revelation. It's just something I've never wanted to do. I wanted to have the perfect picture SOOC, (straight out of camera). I now realize most pictures are edited......those who don't have to edit are geniuses with a camera! These are all pictures that are edited on Picnik. It's free.......very nice! It is pretty limited what you can do for free, but check out these pictures! I enhanced the colors a little and on a few.......rounded the corners!

I love this effect under the Create tab. It's called cross-process. This picture turned out so cute using that color effect! Probably would have been pretty cute without it, too!

There are so many more to play with. I highly recommend you go there now and PLAY! You may have been there before and not played around that much. I first found Picnik when I was looking for a way to shrink my photos in order to upload them to websites. So, for the first few years, that's all I did! Now, watch out! I will have lots of cool colors and black and white and on and on and on.........................

This picture probably got a touch of the neutral tool. It's where you click on something that is black or white (neutral) and it helps fix your color when your white balance is off. Did you know that when you are shooting with more than one light option, it throws the white balance into unbalance!!! In this picture we had natural light and tungsten.....If I had been trying to take a picture for more than just having these two in one...I would've taken the time to turn of the lights in the kitchen. Honestly, there could've been fluorescent lights in there, too!!
It really doesn't matter because this is my favorite picture of the could have been blurry and dark and I would have loved it all the same!
Isn't she gorgeous?