Thanking Oprah might be over the top...

I really must thank Brittney! Her experience was WAY different from mine, but, without hers, I never would have gotten my Nate Show!

If you are just "tuning in", you should read this post first. I was on the Nate Berkus Show!! Oh my word....such an exciting and stimulating day!
.............The producer that came in and asked me to step out of the room asked if I decorate my own home and do crafty stuff....I guess I'm looking at her funny because when I tell her yes, she asks me I might be just doing it to please her! I couldn't express how crafty I am! She gave me the details: Two people would be challenging each other and I would help one of them try to win. Ok, sounds easy! I'm thinking I will do a little project with her and then sit and watch the rest of the show. Clueless still. I go back in and she brings me a release form. I sign it.....didn't read a word on it....and hand it back. She says she will be back to get me in a few minutes. When she came back in she introduced me to my new friend, Andrea! She and I were definitely kindred spirits. We talked about the fact that she wanted to open a craft store....I gave her my rundown from Scrap ETC! I told her I would give her advice when she needed it! Next, they came and got us for hair and makeup....seriously? How much fun!! I was so mad that I didn't have my purse. Emma, the other producer, put it in her office. I can't believe I didn't have a camera during all of this! We got miked and ready to go onstage. We would sit in the audience and wait to be called up.
Oh, it's a whirl wind from there! We had to do a re-take of the audience members coming on stage! They told us to be "price is right" excited! Hello...that's crazy, right? I guess we were a little too crazy for the first take! We re-did it and he asked us a question. A little more calmly we ran up on stage and got to work! This is Casey, the decorator that I helped.
There were so many things to choose from and, of course, we wanted it to be big impact. Her couch was crazy at first, but we found some striped table cloths to make it look in control. The burlap curtains, I pleated by just stapling to the wall. I think they looked great. I wanted to do something else with fabric...hoping to use the green throws across the top.......she wanted to write a quote in between. I think that is her "signature". She added another quote on the right wall. It was a great idea. I think it just needed to be stronger. The right side wall was our downfall, for sure. We should have moved that tree limb and started fresh. I will take credit for the playing cards disaster......she wanted to use them in some way. I showed her a design and she totally changed it...ok, that doesn't sound like it was my fault, but we started it and it didn't end up as cute, but we had to go with it...we were too far in! We just kept adding instead of taking it all away and starting time!

I don't know if you could tell, but I was so hot! Those lights are crazy and I couldn't take off my jacket! They wanted me to keep on the red, otherwise I would be in white and that would be too bland! I didn't even think about being nervous on camera. We were so busy and working so hard. I wanted it to look good! I honestly think our room was more cohesive. It looked good as a whole. I did love the way her window treatments turned out. I was going to do the green throws the same way at first....but, they were too short!! I did LOVE the hand-drawn flourishes on either side...totally Andrea's idea and handi-work! I'm no Nate Berkus, but if it were up to me, Casey would have been the winner of the $2500 gift card to Crate and Barrel!! If you didn't tune in to the show, you can watch the last clip here.