My FAVORITE thing about the holidays!!

I have had Christmas cards on my mind a lot lately. I am usually a create-your-own-card kinda girl. Then I started looking at Shutterfly! Oh my word! They have the cutest holiday card designs. I can't even decide which one I love the most!!

Not to mention, Shutterfly makes it easy as pie!

This one is ah-dorable, right? I love the little tiny bit of color!
What about this? It's a square.......I know, anything that is perfectly proportioned....perfect!
Ok, the other one was square, too. I like squares. ok?

This one is the fantastic! I do love having lots of pictures on one card. How hard is it to choose just one? This way you can pick lots of pictures.....from throughout the WHOLE year!!

“Shutterfly is offering 20% off all holiday cards
Don't wait till the last minute! Get your cards ready to send early!

If that's not adorable are these gift tags? I LOVE these gift tags!
So many Christmas gift tags....this was my favorite!

I'm thinking, pick out a card....then do pictures. Then you can make the colors pop. I love all the pops of color on so many of these designs!

*Disclaimer: I am participating in Shutterfly's Holiday Card promotion. I was offered free Shutterfly cards for my post, but as always, the opinions are my own....and for the record, I love Shutterfly...every day of the year*