Laying low for the weekend

Ahhhh....finally a weekend at home! It's nice not to have too many plans for the weekend. OH wait! We had a fun-filled, packed-out weekend! Who am I kidding?

Friday night we went to our best friends Halloween party. It was so fun! Daphney and her kids planned a Fear Factor night. I could not even believe it when I got there. They live in an older home on about 4 acres. They had the whole place decorated with graveyards and all kinds of creepy stuff. As a matter of fact, there is a cellar that has lots of unique finds in it. It used to be a moonshine distillery. There are tons of moonshine bottles....all different colors. I need to go and steal a few of those, now that I think about it! There is also TONS of jars of food.....ugh, who knows how long its been there. Daphney didn't can any of it! There are shelves and shelves of it. So, this is where Fear Factor was set up! There were probably 20 kids there and only 4 or 5 even tried to go through the challenge. The first "tasting" was spaghetti. You are probably thinking, no big deal. Well, it had hot sauce AND vinegar!! They had to eat a huge handful. Next was a jalepeno! A whole one.....these kids are 8-13 years, I wouldn't have done it! Then they could cool off their mouth with buttermilk and raw eggs. This is the time when most bailed. They either ran out of the cellar to puke or some just spit it right out on the floor. Gagging the whole was I! There were two more stations. The first was a pat of butter, a whole pat, nothing else. The last thing was green mayonnaise......One little girl LOVED mayonnaise! She was licking the spoon like it was covered in chocolate. I was amazed. There were 2 kids that passed through the whole thing. It was completely disgusting. I have to get the pictures from Daphney. They are hilarious!
Saturday morning, I got up and met Amy and Brittney for a run. We ran the 8k at One Nineteen. I didn't think I would do very well. I haven't been running very much, at all. The first hill was a doozie. I made it up there and actually finished in 50:24! I must say, I was impressed! Brittney was going to stay with us and push us along. We walked too much for her! She finished with a 47 minute time! She is rocking on the running! It was very fun for a Saturday morning.

After that, I went to get the kiddos and we went to Samford to watch Tulane Womens Tennis. They were awesome! I love watching them play. For some reason, I always catch these two. They are fantastic players, Emma and the one on the right? She's Mariam aka Mako...She is a little ball of fire! My old coach, Terri is their coach and it's fun to see her and hang out with her team. We had lunch with them afterward. They are a really cute group!

Sunday morning we got up and went back to watch more tennis. John Connor had a baseball game that afternoon and we sat out at the ballpark in the gorgeous weather. It was very fun weekend! Glad we kept it low key!!