It's a are supposed to write in it!

I have been enlightened over the past week. Several things have occurred to create this enlightenment. I got a new job! It's the job I've been looking for. I can work from home, I'm passionate about it and I get paid! That hasn't happened in many, many years! I am thankful for the opportunity!

If we are friends on Facebook, you have seen my numerous posts about Southern Accents. It's an architectural salvage store in Cullman, Al. They are Alabama's version of American Pickers. You know, the show on The History Channel? I know....I love it!! They are constantly buying and selling beautiful architectural pieces. I will drive up to the store and get so inspired. I've used lots of things for my creations from the store. I also bought a ton of different pieces when I was building my house. Well, they have asked me to be their Marketing Director! They have kept me very busy in the last month! We are working on revamping their website and they have had numerous articles written up about them in the past month. I have had my hands full! It has been a far!

Of course, I am talking to Brittney this whole time. She is helping to get all the ideas out and down on paper. It's amazing how she can help me do that. She just helps me clear my mind and at the same time, create more and more ideas! We could rule the world....I just know it! We've solved many of the worlds problems in these brainstorming moments. So, if you read her blog, you know that she is constantly blogging, giving away great things and keeping up with her family! I love to read her stuff. She was going to a blogger meet-up last Friday and invited me to go. I knew it was something I needed to do and really wanted to do! I knew there would be some new connections and I would learn from the experience. Not to mention, Lisa Leonard would be there! Hello? Do you know her? She makes this awesome jewelry and she was coming to Birmingham for Talk of Alabama to tape an upcoming show! Yes, that's my show! I love Nicole. She is so cute. There were cupcakes and networking. Perfect.

I met a couple of new friends and met someone from my tennis life! Small world, isn't it? Amanda Green of KevinandAmanda was a hostess and the cutest thing. Rhoda of Southernhospitalityblog is into home decor.....yes, I'm sending her to Southern Accents! She is going to love it! Alison Lewis of and I started playing tennis around the same time. We both knew we knew each other.....just couldn't figure out how. Tennis. She doesn't play anymore. She is super busy with her ingredients inc company! It is really cool. I'm going to get her out on the tennis court soon. You can't just give it up!!

So, all this has peaked my interest in blogging. I've been reading blogs non-stop since Friday. It's just a fun way to keep in touch and get all that interesting (or not) stuff out for the world to see! I always say that I love to soak up information and I love to share it. I need to be sharing more. I hope you will stick around and let me share with you!