If you are an avid reader of this blog.......well, you have been out of luck the past few months! Alas, I am back! You well know that I love the beach. There really aren't words to describe how much I long to be there all the time. I would move there. Seriously. We went for the weekend. It was so relaxing and the weather was so gorgeous! High seventies and no clouds. NONE! I had a bit of a cold and was pretty miserable because I couldn't breathe on Friday. I started feeling much better as soon as I saw the view from the boardwalk. Ahhh, I love those navy blue umbrellas against the sea of turquoise! It's so breathtaking!I am always on the go. I never just stay at home and do nothing. Coming to the beach is that time for us. We are not at home, but we have no worries at the beach! Our little cottage is so small and it is easy to keep up. We just lounge around and do NOTHING! I guess that's why I like it. We can sit on the beach and read a book or people watch.....or dig a hole to China! That is the kids favorite thing to do! I love this picture of John Connor. Head down and feet up. He's trying his best to get there! They did dig deep enough for Emma to put in a chair and take a nap.
I always get so inspired while I'm here. I've been on the computer all weekend looking at different blogs and trying to figure out what I want this place to be. I hope I can make it interesting enough for you to want to come back. It's a work in progress!