I have to thank Oprah!!

I just found out some really cool news. I don't know if you know this, but I went to New York City a couple of weeks ago.....a lot more on that later......but, for now.......

I wanted it to be a different trip than my normal one. My cute friend, Brittney, just got back because she was asked to be on the Nate Berkus show, you know, from Oprah! Yeah, that guy. Handsome, decorator, you know him. Well, he has his own show now. Nice.....I wish I were friends with Oprah. My own show....too cool. So, Brittney was on his show and I thought, " That would be fun! Let's go to a taping of the Nate Show!". So, Molly and I were all about it. Jenny on the other hand....was too cool for a taping. She needed shopping time! (don't really blame her) So, I emailed and got us 2 tickets to the show. We got up VERY early Friday morning to get in line. As we were standing there, the lady is telling everyone that if they are VIP, they can move on in. We weren't......just general admission. Oh well. We finally got to the door and the girl tells us we look cute...we told her thank you in our most southern accent......She asked where we were from.....ALABAMA! She wrote VIP on our tickets! Woo Hoo!...they must want us to be in the front of the audience...or something. So, we go in. We are both giddy and just giggling and talking while in the VIP room with all the other VIP's! I sent Brittney a text to tell her that I was a VIP. Of course, she was flipping out...that's just how she rolls. (and I love this about her!) Oh...side note......when Brittney went to the show before, she carried my Nate Berkus design book and a picture of me and him in Boston. She was going to get it signed for me. They obviously couldn't get it done that day and said they would mail it later. Well, since I am there......I need to get it, don't you think? Ok, Brittney calls her contact, Emma. Emma is going to find me and get the book to me! YAY!!!

All of a sudden, someone comes in the room calling my name! "Lucy, Lucy Farmer?" Oh yes, I jumped right up and ran over to her! Molly was laughing at me. The girl asked if she could talk to me outside. Of course. I ask if she has my book. She apparently has something else on her mind. She all but ignored the question. She asked if I loved Nate. She asked if I was crafty....duh...how did she know all this information? It had to be Brittney. She continues and I can't continue now because, well, you will just have to stay tuned! Watch it....record it. It's crazy and insane and I had a ball!!! Monday, October 25th......3:00 pm in Birmingham!!