Fall weather and new boots!

I'm not sure about the Fall weather, but I love getting new boots! I'm pretty sure I could wear boots everyday....in the Fall!

For some reason, I always look at Ugg boots at the Sunset Shoe store in Destin. I guess that's weird? Why would I buy boots at the beach? One really good reason is they have a good selection. Very important when shopping. If they do not have exactly what I want....I sometimes settle for anything. Another good reason is I get a discount there! Yay! I love a discount. Who doesn't, right? I went in looking for a specific pair.
Tip: when looking for Ugg boots, check the kids styles. They are usually cheaper and the size 6 fits a womens size 8. Yes! Great tip!!

Well, my little store in Destin got smart on me and only ordered kids sizes up to a 3. Cuss! She went to the back to pull my kids size 6's and brought back the adult sizes telling me that she'd figured out my plan....hehe. She did have the styles I was looking for.....just adult size and more expensive. Of course, I tried them on. She kept bringing more and more. There were so many that she thought I would like! (great salesgirl)
I had on the pair that I loved. Walking around asking my kids and the Connor Farmer what they thought. They liked them. I asked if Connor if he thought they made my calves look big.....he said, yes. Rude. Of course, he said that just so I wouldn't want to buy them. In the meantime, another lady comes in, sees the shoes on my feet, gets them in her size and walks out with her purchase. UGH! At the same time......the Connor Farmer sees the price tag....now, we have a problem. He thinks it's ridiculous and shakes his head. I, being the good wife, leave the shoes behind the counter with my name on them. I would have to come back when he wasn't with me!

Emma found a pair of Sperry's. She is like me in the fact that if they do not have what she is looking for she will settle. She did. They are cute and I know she will wear them all the time, so, it's no biggie.

Oh my....are you worn out, yet? I know, you just want to know if I got the shoes! Well, I talked about them all day and talked about how often I would wear them......everyday! with everything! right? We finally talked him into it and went back to the store!! Yay!!!! I love them. I haven't worn them, yet......................Hey, where is that Fall weather????