April Recap

I guess I get inspired about once a month! No, really I am inspired so much everyday and I can't sit down to record it! I have been a little busy. Working on new projects and closing out old ones. Spring is definitely here in Alabama. I am sitting on my back porch listening to John Mayer and the blower! HA! We have a couple coming over to look at our house for the 5th, yes FIFTH time tomorrow! Do you think they like it? Gah, make up your mind already!

I have been watching the new show 9byDesign....oh MY word! It's fantastic! Find it on Bravo....I am totally ready to move and re-do a house! I really want to build another one. That will have to wait. I will miss this house a lot. There are so many things that are one of a kind and I will be sad to let them go. On the other hand, I can't wait to find more one of a kind things to put in a new place! I love creating and decorating and redecorating and recreating!

John Connor is mid season of baseball. Much better record than last year! Thank goodness!!! We won last night! Go Cubs! Emma is on a Tumbling and Trampoline team and is upside down all the time.

I'm itching to go to the beach. Seriously, it's been like 2 weeks! We had a girls weekend....Emma, Maggie, Daphney and myself. The boys went to the A-Day game in Tuscaloosa. John Connor is a lucky kid! He got to go in the locker room with Michael after the game and got an autograph from lots of players!! He had his picture made with Greg McElroy, Preston Dial and Michael DeJohn. I think there are others, but my Mother in law is holding them hostage until I send her pictures from the National Championship game......oops! I should send her those now!

We went to Nashville last weekend and ran in the Country Music 1/2 Marathon. So. much. fun! It was my favorite of all time! haha....of the 3 that I've ran. My sweet friend and little sister, Jenny was our hostess for the weekend! She showed us a fabulous Nashville time. So many funny moments and inside jokes! We had the best cheese plate at Virago, Jenny's favorite sushi place in town, using lots of common sense and catching a prayer in Memphis! Don't forget the perv waving at Jenny at The Stage! Even walking to the car was one of my favorite moments! Everyone got a medal and we are all still friends!We had a house full! Jenny, Molly, Daphney, myself, Connor and John were all over her house.........not to mention her room mate and her parents! Oh and 3 dogs. Close, comfy quarters for good friends and fun times!

John Connor and I went to the zoo for his field trip last week. That kid loves animals! He is going to be a squirrel monkey at the talking zoo for school next week. I had no idea we had one of those at the Birmingham zoo! His two great friends, Connor and Ryan hung out with us all day. I loved chasing after those 3 monkeys. John Connor was on the move to the next animal and Connor wanted to learn more about each animal!

Last, but not least, a little project I've been working on. They would make great Mother's Day gifts or graduation. Some have inspiring quotes on them. Let me know what you think!