Book Art Dresses

I'm so excited about this Friday night. I am going to Tricia Robinson's Art her house! I have been following her blog for several years. She is an artist that paints the cutest things ever! She is always inspiring me with her fun, frolicky paintings!
So, she has opened her home for a Book Dress Art Party!! Doesn't it sound divine? I can't wait to get there and just be in the same room with her! We are to bring one of our favorite books. We will tear it apart and make a dress inspired by that book......oh, I am so distraught over what book and what my dress will look like. It's so intimidating! There are several examples on her blog. You have to go there and peruse her artwork. I know you will love it as much as I do.

Did you see this blog post on the Scripts blog? I was very inspired by her. I gave that painting to my beautiful friend, Jenny. She put it in her bedroom. I love the fact that she uses paper and paint all on one place. I love the texture all of her paintings have. I can not wait to be there and learn from her.

Watch her blog....She said she will do another art night. We should all go together!