In the mood for a blog post?

I just looked at the site meter on my blog and it said 11 people visited today. Wow, I'm so sorry to you! I haven't posted once this year! Slacker.........

I'm not sure if I've had too much going on or nothing! I'm sure if you read this know the answer!

Why don't I just do like I do scrapbooking. Not try to "catch-up", just tell you what's going on now.

My mom was just here this past weekend. It was gorgeous! We always have a beautiful weekend in February. I remember the year I got married.....1996....yes, that was 14 years ago. (My anniversary is Wednesday ;)). Connor had the best tan at the wedding! All the guys played golf that Friday and it was such a pretty day! It was the perfect weekend! This weekend reminded me of that weekend so much!

Mom came to celebrate my birthday, see Carson play basketball and go to Caroline's 4th birthday party. We were busy! We always have to plan a visit to The Spotted Zebra to see all the wonderful things Nicole and Natalie have in the store. My mom always buys too much! Oh well, that's one of the reasons I love her! (thanks, MOM!)

John Connor is working on his Living History Museum for school. He will be Albert Einstein. I can't wait to fix his hair that morning! He has been working on his speech. It is such a fun event. The kids are standing in different places in the classroom and someone walks up and pushes their "button". When the button is pushed the child will recite their speech. Cute, huh? Baseball started this weekend, too. Good bye, Saturdays!!

Emma got layers and long bangs. Oh my word! We were at the salon for an hour and a half. I think the girl was nervous. She looks so much older! She came home from Jessie's house tonight and they had straightened it with the flat iron. She was flipping it around. So cute and getting so grown up! I are needed for that. I will try and take some tomorrow!

I ran in the Mercedes 1/2 marathon on Valentine's Day. I was so proud to run with Brittney and her sister, Kristin! They kept me going strong! We finished at 2:13:23. Rock Stars! I never could have run that fast by myself! I loved the whole thing. We had a very strong finish. I was so excited! Connor ran in the Relay for cute little Edie Shunnarah. We were all on her Bell Center Team. It was a fun event. I can't wait to do it again next year!

That's just a little recap of the latest goings on at the Farmer house.