Getting in the spirit!!

My upside down Christmas Tree. I love this funky thing! I have had it for several years and every year it still makes me so happy! It's just bigger at the top and smaller at the bottom! I have big paper flowers and Christmas balls hanging from the limbs. It's a very happy tree!

This is a close up of the flowers. They have a styrofoam center covered in tiny beads. I just wrap them around the trunk with the florist stem.
I played in a tennis mixer last Friday. We had so much fun! It was for Toys for Tots. All we had to do was bring a toy for the kids and we got to play tennis with friends and eat yummy lunch from Taziki's! It was pretty chilly. I stayed warm with my elf socks. I liked them 'cause they were pretty festive, too!
I found the coolest tree on Elsie's website. I had to have one. I commissioned a friend to make one for me. I knew he would have the coolest wood for this project! The original had fishing lures on it.....not really my thing. I had my friend send me some door hardware, keyholes, doorknobs, a house number and keys! I also added some cranberries, a star and old postcards from my stash! If you want one like mine, you can check out Southern Accents. A very inspiring place!
Here you can find the original tree.