Decking the Halls

I do love to decorate for Christmas. It is, by far, my FAVE holiday. There is nothing like it. It gets a little frustrating pulling out the "pre-lit trees". I mean, they only worked the first year that we had them. UGH! I can't stand all of those strands of lights that do not work on my tree. How do I get them off? They are wrapped around so perfectly and tightly, I can't remove them........well, I could, but it would take away from the actual decorating time. We got 3 trees up this strand works on the upside down tree, one strand on the "big" tree and 4 branches on the dining room tree. I know, it's kinda obnoxious to have that many trees. I have 3 more....upstairs. One in each of the kids rooms and one in the upstairs's in a window and I love it! It's flocked with big, bright lights and fun candy-like ornaments!! I can't wait to get up there and get it out.

So, I did take some pictures of my Christmas closet. Yes, I have a Christmas closet. It is on the main level and it was a "must" for this house. That and a laundry shoot! I sacrificed having a pantry for this closet! My builder thought I was crazy. Maybe so, but at this time of year and when it all has to come down...I am VERY thankful to have this closet so conveniently located. It's not big enough for Halloween, Easter, 4th of July, or birthday stuff, but it holds ALL of my christmas rubbermaids and 3 of the trees....wait...not ALL, there is a closet and attic upstairs that holds the upstairs decorations! I guess you know what I will be doing for the next few days.

After John Connor's Thanksgiving program tomorrow morning and hanging out with some of my fave peeps (hint: we will be working on Wrapper's Delight Version 2.0), and a meeting....I will work on my Christmas decor. Wednesday, I have a triathlon that morning and then, if I survive, I will "hopefully" finish getting it all together! Thursday, we eat ALL day. Friday, boot camp and heading south to Destin!! I can't wait. Can someone work on some really nice weather for me? I would greatly appreciate it!