Guess where I'm going tomorrow!

If you can't guess.....well, I don't know if I'll even tell you. It's my happy place.
I have neglected this little blogger. I know there are SOOO many of you out there that are just flat disappointed that I don't update daily! haha We have been super busy and I haven't made the time!
So here is a recap in pictures.

Emma and her 3rd Grade teacher, Mrs. Russell at the Sock Hop!
Bianca and Emma after winning the Kickball tournament!
Mrs. Hooper (formerly Ms. Bishop) and John Connor...our fave 1st grade teacher!! of my newest bff's. So glad she is in my life!
Hanging out at CKU
Aaron taught me everything I know on the dance floor!
Dance competition

hanging out with family and friends!
John Connor is playing where's waldo in this pic.
I had no idea he was there until I was looking at this one afterward!