Happy Mother's Day

We didn't have big plans for this weekend. John Connor had his last regular season game.....we lost. It's so sad. We didn't win ONE game all season! We were so close on Saturday. We came back from 11-2 and the final score was 18-17....we just couldn't pull it out. Poor guys. A couple of them were sad, but for the most part, they were just a bunch of 7 year old boys on to the next thing!
My mom came in town for the weekend. I am so glad she came here! I would've felt bad about not going to see her. She came in for the game and afterward we went to my nephew, Carson's, game. He won. Yay! As soon as we got home, we loaded the car and headed to the lake. We hadn't been there in over a year! I forgot how much I love it there. It's so peaceful and quiet. It rained the entire time we were there. I didn't mind, I got some scrapbooking done! We took several pictures and printed them. We made magnet frames for Mother's Day gifts. I made my mom some stationary. We were productive! On Sunday we got up and had a fabulous breakfast cooked by the dad's. The boat ride ended really quickly when it started raining on us! It wasn't warm enough to be out in the rain! The kids really wanted to go and feed the fish. We usually head over to Rock Creek Marina and feed crackers to the giant carp. I think we've decided to go back for Memorial Day weekend. We may spend a lot of time up there this summer! It is so nice. Connor loves to grill out and watch the sunset! As always, there's an open invitation for anyone that wants to join us!