No time for blogging. Actually, I have been doing a fair amount of blogging at Scrap ETC. Working in the store keeps me busy!! I love hanging out with the customers. It's so fun to help them find the perfect thing for their project. I have officially become addicted to the AccuCut machine! Wow, I knew it was great, but with all the dies we have....I could cut all day!

I have started several projects and haven't completed one. That's my problem! I will start something and never finish. I love people that can accomplish a task. I have several of those kind of people in my immediate circle. Daphney can get more done in one day than I can get done in a week! She never stops and never lets anything stop her!

Brittney is a ball of fire! She was coming by the store yesterday to bring my Flip video camera. I called and asked if she was planning on staying for 5 minutes or an hour. Thankfully, she gave me an hour. The back room at the store looked like a bomb had gone off. After an hour, she had it all cleaned out and organized!! I mean, that deserves BIG thank yous!! I can't do that.....I tried and all I ended up doing was moving all the piles from one place to another!!

The best one is my MOM! She is always bossing me around. I guess she thinks it's her job since she is my mom, but come on...I'm 30-something! It drives me crazy, but we can get some good organizing and cleaning out done when she is here. I really appreciate all the help she gives me. She was here a few weeks ago and we cleaned out my attic. A place I hadn't been in since I moved in 3 and 1/2 years ago. She took a truck load home to sell in a yard sale! She was back this weekend for my niece, Caroline's birthday and we cleaned out the basement.....another place that had not see the light of day in 3 and 1/2 years! I actually found a bag full of scrapbooking stuff down there! Our Disney album!! Who knew? I guess I have so much in my studio, I didn't even miss it! So very sad. Well, we cleaned out that basement and my laundry room......It's all very neat and organized now!! She is very giving. I'm so lucky to have her. We have plenty of times that we don't agree, but she is the best mom for me! love you!!
I guess surrounding yourself with people that have different talents than you is the key to balance. I'm not sure what I do for the mix.

Last night, Emma had a patriotic program at school. It was a great program! She had a speaking part about the Liberty Bell. I was so proud of her! She didn't get the part until Tuesday and had it memorized before she went to bed that night! Yes, she is a smart kid!! I'm so proud of her!

I'm at the beach....planning on running a half-marathon in Seaside.....cross your fingers that I cross the finish line! Have a great weekend!