It's been awhile. I have been covered up with stuff since CHA. It was a very productive. I love that it was work AND so much fun! We have so many new things coming in to Scrap ETC. It's so fun to get new product in. American Crafts came in on Friday and we have lots of cute new Thickers. Who doesn't love Thickers? Jenni Bowlin came in early last week. They are always so good at getting their new stuff out ASAP! I love the pearl buttons. They are so dainty and sweet!! They look like candy and even have food names......blueberry, cantaloupe, cream cheese, marachino....I want them to smell.....I'll have to talk to Jenni about that!

John Connor signed up for baseball. He had tryouts a couple of weeks ago and we found out his team, the Cubs! I guess we'll be at the park every Saturday in the Spring! Emma is growing makes my stomach hurt! She is finally thinking about what she wears everyday! I worried when she wanted to wear the same t-shirt and jeans everyday and now, I worry about why she wants to wear a skirt and leggings and a raggedy old jacket!

We are working on Valentine's for class parties. Of course, we will use one of the Accucut dies and make something fabulous! One of the customers came in today and I showed her the houndstooth paper for her son's valentines. He's 10 and didn't want it to be too girly! We cut out some red footballs and using the houndstooth's adorable! I guess I'll let John Connor do that, too! Roll Tide! I think Susu came in last week and pointed out how cute that would be. It is...thanks, Susu!!

Maybe one of these days I'll figure out how to download my pictures from my camera and get some new pics on here. Till then.....have a good one!