Fresh Start!'s so nice to clean out and get organized, isn't it? My sweet momma came to Birmingham this weekend and we worked on cleaning out my junk. I have a lot of it.......a lot!!

We started by her babysitting and Connor and I going to a friends 30th birthday party! Not a good start to the organizing, but lots of fun!

We got down and dirty on Saturday. We started in the attic. An attic that I haven't been in since the mice were staying with us. I couldn't believe all the stuff that was in there! A beautiful Christmas tree that didn't get put up.....and lots of cute ornaments that go on it. I also found lots of old pictures and cards.....I love to reminisce! My mom kept me on track. I would've sat there all day just going through every card. We cleaned out kids clothes boxes. Do you do that? You clean out their stuff and can't get rid of something because they were so cute in it.....the one time they wore it before growing out of it? Then a couple years later, it means nothing? Give it away! Well, she is having some monster yard sale at her house in Tennessee. Supposedly, thousands of people come through. Maybe I'll make some money! We filled her truck with some of my old junk......she looked like the Clampets pulling out of my driveway on Sunday! I say "some" of my junk.....she will probably come back and fill her truck again! I guess this is the one good reason to move. Get rid of stuff! I felt so good when she left. We really accomplished so much. I was supposed to get to the craft room....I swear there is more stuff in my craft room than in the store!! I should just move all of it to the store and sell it there! When she left, I did go in there and try to clean up a little. All that did was get me in the mood to scrapbook! So, I did a couple of pages and made a little album for my friend of her birthday party......I've got to get that to her! I guess I should take some pics and post them...i say that all the time, don't I?