CHA Week

Oh wow!! We have had so much fun this week in California. I do have to say that we were a little disappointed in the weather. The sun has been shining, but it has been COLD!!!! Brrrrrrrr.

We have seen so many wonderful new products for scrapbooking. Anything from tulle to TOOL cleaner, New Hambly screenprints to a screenprinting machine!!! AAAAGGGHHHH!! Fabulousnesssss. I'm thinking this screenprinting machine from ProvoCraft is HOT! Gretchen, Brittney and I all made, yes made, ourselves a t-shirt!! I need this machine. Really, I do! You can create your own design, then you heat the design onto something cool and then you scrape the ink onto the t-shirt.....Oh my, oh MY!

I had some REALLY, REALLY great appointments today! We are working on so much for our Scrap ETC event, Scripts Kit club and Scrap ETC...the store!

Making Memories and Margie Romney-Aslett WILL be at the Scrap ETC Event.........with a really cool project and the newest Making Memories release!!! Seriously, people....this is going to be cool!

Glitz Design has some precious new Glitzers! You WILL be seeing these in an upcoming dose of our monthly kit club, Scripts. Not too mention several other new, really cute products.

Goodness did you see those Sassafras felties? The new buttons are so crafty...I need them on everything........EvErYthinG!! Bella Blvd. is one of our FAVORITE new lines. We have a video on the ScrapETC site with the owner. She is so cute!!! So young and hip and really has it together. This is one to watch! Jillibean Soup is another adorable new line we found......So warm and cozy. All the lines are named after soups! We bought a cute is that?

We were so disappointed not to see October Afternoon in person, but I will call and place an order when we get home. I know how much you all love this cute line!

We have several videos from the show of all the booths. We are posting to the Scrap ETC blog daily and we will get as many pictures up as soon as we can.

This has been a VERY successful trip and we got to go to Disneyland today! I got in free because it was my birthday!!! It really was fun. We rode Space Mountain and the Indiana Jones Adventure was so cool.

Just a few loose ends to tie up in the morning and we will be on our way home.

See you Thursday in the store!!! Have an awesome day!