Sips N Strokes

From Birmingham? You know exactly what I'm talking about! I LOVE Sips N Strokes during the holidays. There are soooo many paintings that I want to do. This particular one was a lot of fun. I got to hang out with some old friends! Only one is from Birmingham, Molly. The others are friends from college. My lil sis from sorority, Jenny. She is from Nashville. Stacey also went to UNA with us. Her Mom, Russell and Jeff were all there, too. We had soooo much fun! This tree turned out pretty cute. It isn't your traditional Christmas colors, but I love it! I ran over to Publix to get a snack and came back with a loaf of bread and some brie with a "hint" of blue cheese. They all made fun of me! They also helped me eat it! It was yummy!

The color is horrible on these pictures. Still trying to figure out my camera! It's been 9 months since my other one was stolen. I miss it! So much for getting an upgrade!

So much to do this holiday season. It's here and I'm not ready. I'm just going to take it one day at a time and I know it will all work out. Finished my Christmas cards tonight. Hopefully, everyone will get them before Christmas. I know some of my friends are already heading "home" and won't get it until they get back. I hope it's a great surprise to keep the spirit alive for just a few more days!! Have a great Sunday!