This is BIG!

I feel so honored! Wilna Furstenburg posted on her blog that the music on my blog inspires HER! Whoa, if you know this girl, then you know that SHE is the one who inspires. You can't read her blog without feeling like everything is going to be ok. She just has this way of using scripture to give you that lift you need each day. You really need to read her blog. She is also a fabulous scrapbooker. She created these adorable ornaments for our Wrapper's Delight silent auction. There is a pic of it on our ScrapETC blog. She will keep inspiring you often. So, make sure you keep her on your list of blogs you read!

I can't find my camera cord.....does this surprise anyone? I didn't think so. I got a new lens yesterday. It is going to make my pictures so much better! A Nikon 50mm 1.8.......thanks to Elizabeth. She had hers at the event and I knew that is what I need for my camera so that I don't have to use my flash. I think she uses a Canon, but the lens is the same.

Emma was one of 20 3rd graders chosen for an Art show at Bryant Bank! WOW, how cool is that? The art teacher chose the drawings and the bank picked winners! Several of Emma's friends were in the show. My Emma got 3rd place!!!! She got $50 to open a savings account! We are so proud of her. As soon as I find my camera cord, I will post a picture of my little artist and her painting with her 3rd place ribbon.

Today is my day off from the store. That means I don't have to be there from 10-6, but I will be there doing a Happy Hour, which is a little project you can come in and do. Today it is a Valentine layout. It is adorable and created by the Elizabeth that I mentioned earlier. This girl's got it going on! So, come by and create a quick layout. I will be in and out of there today. I may try to decorate for Christmas. It's time, right?

Oh and good news....we have a showing on the house at 4:00 today! keep your fingers crossed!