I've been tagged....

This means I have to tell you 6 random things about me.

I am inspired by the one that picked me.....Katie

1. I, like Katie, am on the hunt for the perfect lip color. I had the perfect one. Bobbi Brown lipshine in Sunkissed. It was a Summer color about 2 years ago and I have bought everyone that I could find. I am now down to my last tube and it will be gone very, very soon. I can't find anything else I like as well. Everything is too pink on me...even the new Bobbi Brown brown lipstick I had in my pocket at Wrapper's Delight. So sad.

2. I also return most of my purchases from Anthropologie. I love to walk in that store. It has to be one of the most inspiring stores ever. I will always remember the first one in SOHO so many years ago. I want to wear those big heavy sweaters....it's just not practical in Alabama! I came VERY close to buying a journal from 1940something for $14 the other day! I probably can find it in a thrift store for $1.00...Hello!

3. I love Facebook...I feel like a stalker, but it's ok, because everyone else is, too!

4. I, like my friend, Virginia, do not like blinds. She pulls hers up every morning. I do not have ANY! No blinds on any window in my house.......let the light shine in!

5. I need to go to the beach......It's been almost 6 weeks!

6. one more???? I am going to Fred Astaire Dance Studio next Thursday night! Anyone want to join me?

Maybe this was more of a take off of someone else's randomness.....that's pretty random.

I am supposed to tag other people......Ashlee, Mindy, Misty, and Carol